What We’re About

the problem

Cycle of Motivation:

Teaching is an exhausting profession. And when a teacher is fatigued, the quality of his/her planning and execution of classroom lessons decreases. An inspiring story about an amazing educator comes along every so often, but these stories in the media cannot be counted on regularly.

the vision

Possible Magazine will provide teachers with regular, targeted inspiration in the form of a publication full of stories about amazing educators from across the nation. Reading these stories will energize teachers. With a renewed sense of purpose, teaching effectiveness will increase, which will in turn boost student achievement.
Inspired teachers = inspired students = inspired achievement.

the goals

In the short term, Possible Magazine aims to motivate teachers by sharing inspirational education success stories in a regularly distributed magazine.

In the long term, Possible Magazine will expand its focus to elevating the teaching profession and connecting teachers across the nation through media campaigns, events honoring the subjects of magazine feature articles, and more.

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