The Story of Possible

Possible Magazine was started by a teacher looking for a more steady source of inspiration. Teaching is a demanding profession, but it is also extremely high stakes. An uninspired, unmotivated teacher affects the lives and futures of students. First grade teacher Audrey Pribnow and her college roommate Amber Klaus decided to team up and do something about that, and Possible Magazine was born.

The publication looks to be a place educators can turn to regularly to be re-energized and to find a renewed sense of purpose and passion. In addition, it hopes to provide teachers across the country with a sense of connection to one another. There are so many highly effective teachers across the nation doing incredible things with their students, and it only makes sense for them to draw upon one another’s collective experiences to inspire student achievement in their own individual classrooms.

Teachers are doing indispensable work that has a direct impact on the future of our country. It’s time they receive some regular, targeted encouragement to uplift them, encourage them, and push them forward.

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